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The future is (more) digital. There is no alternative to leaping into the adventure of digitization. However, it is advisable to have clarity and to keep an eye on the essentials. Innovation is in our DNA. With our roots in the high-tech industry, we know that nothing is as constant as change, but we have also learned to stay calm and to treat every hype with caution.
Technology is a means to an end. It is the will to change and adapt to the future which is dependent on the companies capability to innovate.
What could be more obvious in these fast-moving times than to look within ourselves, stand on the sidelines, breathe deeply and ask yourself where you actually stand and where you can go from here. Anyone who understands innovation as a recombination of existing things, which is perfectly legitimate, also recognizes in such moments what is already available and what opportunities exist.
Wegesrand helps companies to discover, channel, evaluate and develop their innovation capabilities. We have a team of interdisciplinary experts who share a holistic view of the future with our clients by analyzing the different aspects of digitization with acumen and clarity. By starting from the human being, we explain the essential question of how new technologies make work more natural and comfortable in the context of the company and its individual approach.

We accompany our clients as a trusted advisor: the external-internal who can support the change process objectively and without an agenda of our own.
We proceed with care, persistence and perseverance where new work meets slow work, agility meets concentration. We go step by step, working process by process without a template because we know each transformation is unique and brings its own challenges.

Speed is not a virtue. Speed is only appropriate if the route, means and goals have been determined. Innovation can also mean premature failure or walking away, in order to start over again. We like to take shortcuts, but do not shy away from detours. We pause, reconsider, shift into a lower gear and dig deeper – just to stay on the sidelines. That too is innovation with heart and mind — a path we like to take. Perhaps with you?!


Technical Due Diligence

A solution consists of a concept and its technical implementation and operation. To avoid risks and to determine the correct investment and operating cost framework, it is essential to determine the status quo.


Legal Due Diligence

Legally secure framework conditions are an absolute prerequisite for the creation of actual values. Together with our partners from legal professions, we provide assistance and orientation in the course of developing and reviewing business models.


Financing and Partnering

Innovations provide companies with improved products, better processes, better market positioning and thus higher added value. They are investments for the future. However, many innovations have the potential to be placed elsewhere and can also be used meaningfully outside the immediate environment of the company. This requires external partners and investors.



We are the driving force and catalyst for innovation through interdisciplinary teams by helping companies discover, channel, evaluate and tap into their innovation potential. We are not only concerned with the process of “discovery”, we are also part of the execution.


More than just a network

The Wegesrand group

With Wegesrand Medienbeteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, we have created a group of shareholdings. They cover different trades within the digital media production. Wegesrand is a strategic investor in the segments Serious Games, Gamification, Games and IP-Development in order to turn ideas into reality in close cooperation.

IndieAdvisor & Company & Co. KG
The expert network IndieAdvisor & Company & Co. KG supports young and viable studios with know-how and network in terms of financing, marketing, professionalization and visibility. IndieAdvisor & Company also represents the Global Accelerator Global Top Round (GTR) in Europe, which has now invested in more than 30 studios worldwide.

Unger & Fiedler
We develop cross-media concepts. It is not about the individual story, but about feeling, seeing and hearing. We deliver the look and feel and corporate design of stories. Thinking in media genres unnecessarily restricts the creative process. That is why we start with a vision. The media derivatives are then the next step. Unger & Fiedler is a design agency for storytelling.

Target Games
Founded by industry veterans André Bernhardt and Thorsten Unger, Target Games helps to develop projects and support promising, groundbreaking concepts and companies with a network of experts and partners. In this way, we create sustainable and forward-looking content and rights for ourselves and our partners. Together with international associates, we develop and operate the mobile games accelerator Global Top Round and are responsible for its European activities.