At wegesrand, we think that digitalization should be an individualized process. Do you share our view? If the answer is yes, you are perfectly equipped to embark on the path of digital evolution in a well-founded, exclusive and hence successful way. wegesrand can offer you just the right thing:

Our “Three-pillar System of Digital Evolution” to help you obtain the skills and knowledge for


  • planning an effective digitalization strategy 
  • and the steps for its implementation in the best possible way.

Our promise: We offer consultancy services tailored to your specific needs as well as excellent guidance for their implementation in your company. In digitalization, however, there is no such thing as “complete”. In this continuous process you require a reliable partner who will always support you with all their expertise in new transformation projects should the need arise. Our quality pledge applies here, too: We are always available for you as trusted advisors.

An overview of the wegesrand “Three-pillar System of Digital Evolution” 

Initial Consultancy – Quick Check

In today’s world, a perfect product or a unique service hardly stand out anymore, not necessarily guaranteeing a company’s success. For that, it takes much more: definitely a long-lasting vision which forms a resilient footing. It is on this basis alone that trends can be evaluated and new technologies introduced. And it also takes a corporate culture that bears in mind the interests of employees together with technical and process-related aspects.

Where does your company stand? Which beacons show the way?
Result: Status quo analysis and vision development.

Assessing your starting position. This will take a day’s time, your key persons and two experts from wegesrand. Together with you, we will analyze your digital evolution path and develop an understanding for the technologies best suited to accelerate the digital shift in your company. This will form the basis for your future course of action.

I.D.E. (Inventory Digital Evolution) – Digital Optimization Concepts

I.D.E.: Do you have everything on board to plan the path?

Result: Necessary facts on which your company-specific digitalization strategy can be built on.

I.D.E. is the first systemic digital evolution model that uses company-specific indicators. By applying I.D.E., the relevant influencing factors are assessed:

1. Employee level
Innovation obstacles

Self-efficacy for innovation topics across all divisions

Communication structures at the points of interaction

2. Process level 

Processes (for example in production)
Innovation obstacles
Communication structures (for example interaction with suppliers)

Starting out from there, we deduce which requirements and resources are already present in your company. The goals and measures will be oriented towards your company, not nebulous “best-in-class” criteria.

Tool: I.D.E. (wegesrand Development)

Digital optimization strategy: Motive and means – specifying the plan

Result: Agenda and measures for the development of your digital optimization strategy 

The wegesrand experts provide you with the essential knowledge and the practical steps for its implementation: While recognizing your corporate culture and strategy, based on the I.D.E. results, we then carry out a well-founded examination and evaluation of technologies you will require to realize your digital optimization strategy.

For this purpose, we use your knowledge of processes, discover hidden resources and develop suitable modules.

Decisions in the context of digitalization have come to include also an ethical component and are being closely followed and evaluated by society. We support you in finding the right path for your company so that your goals are congruent with social values.

Tool: The © wegesrand Strategy Board

Consult Advisors

Compass: How to spot shallows, cliffs, sandbanks and the ship’s kobold

Result: They spot snares in defined projects and on the way to your goal


Before embarking on a new project, it helps to determine the factors that might delay your planned process flow. Here, we offer taking an in-depth look at influencing variables that are relevant for a project, such as commitment of participants, transparency or structures. This will give you an opportunity to take early counteracting measures and establish, for example, missing structures right from the start, such as feedback via communication paths.

Tool: The © wegesrand Status Board 

Trusted advisor: A guide just when you need one 

Result: You get advice when you need it. In every case, just in case.

As trusted advisors, we act just like your internal experts, finding the right input to take decisions, or we are “second opinions”, constructive quality assurers in a complex field of consequential decisions.

In any case, we stand by your side as trusted advisors you can rely on, offering our knowledge that we have gained from our network in research and education, the labs of leading companies and access to background information from practitioners and scientists. 

Tool: The © wegesrand Experts

Exclusive master classes: A training ship for future experts

Result: In small groups, a select group of experts will provide you with well-founded access to specialized and background knowledge.

Bootcamp Security

Bootcamp Blockchain

Bootcamp Data Analyses & Visualization

Bootcamp KI

Bootcamp Ethics


Thorsten Unger

Founding Partner, Founder and Managing Partner Expert in Digital Education

Thorsten Unger is an expert, author and entrepreneur specializing in games, gamification and serious games. He speaks, writes and advises on digital games: as a living part of our society, cultural heritage, high technology and information broker. His credo: Games offer great opportunities that we as a society and economy should not miss out on. With his network of consultants at Wegesrand, he understands innovation as a continuous and necessary process of change and helps to comprehend new technologies and concepts from the perspective of companies and organizations. He is a partner at IJsfontein, the market leader for playful learning in the Netherlands. As co-founder of the Silicon Valley-based Accelerators Global Top Round, he provides access to the venture capital market for independent computer game developers. He is also a current member of the Advisory Board for the Competence Center for the Cultural and Creative Industries of the German Federal Government

Hans-Werner Klein

Associate Partner, Scientific Director

Hans-Werner Klein is a social scientist. His credo: Decisions deserve to be fact-based, to be met with heart and mind. He has worked as an analyst, method developer and consultant in market research since in the early 80s; for a spin-off of a tech group; implemented, maintained, and developed the e-business of a telecommunications company as a web controller - and founded companies himself. Most recently, a transcontinental company that provides SMEs with the necessary tools for digital transformation. Hans-Werner Klein is a knowledge broker - between data and people. He also is a guest lecturer of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University. A specialist author and co-editor as well as a three-volume Springer Gabler series ``The Future of Market Research”.

Ulla Coester

Partner, Scientific Director

From 2002 to the end of 2010, Ulla Coester was editor-in-chief of the trade journals IT-Sicherheit and digitalbusiness, among others. Since 2006, she has also been working as a coach/consultant for B2B companies in the fields of strategy development and project moderation, increasingly with a focus on Industry 4.0 and digitization. As a co-founder of the platform, she has been working on digital trends and their effects on companies and society for six years. Since 2016, she has been a lecturer at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, and since 2017, she has been a research assistant at the skip Institute for Applied Digital Visualization e.V. at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences.